Sunday, March 14, 2010

I am A Proud Asian.

Amelie today could not served well at lunch and turn away alot of good customer.
We feel bad and sorry.We usually serve breakfast before 11.30am and as we serve we prepare for lunch so, as amelie is small and short of storage and man power, we usually don't kept a lot of stock.

Today we sold all our breakfast at about 11.15am and 4 people came in to amelie at about 11.25am when we just started to do lunch but this 4 young people insisted that we should served them breakfast.My partner started to apologise and explain as polite as possible but one of them who is a real kuai low insulted her, (U SUCK).Ya! i know you 'kuai low' always say that in the movies,we malaysian call that Boh Ka See.(which mean nobody teach you).Another girl beside this kuai low is some chinese or vietnamese who act like Britney Spear,i just wanna say you look nice and please..don't act like you are some kind of kuai low mui(Britney spear) you are proud of it.I do, and i believe we malaysian do.You are also rude by the way.
And the other two young girl who claimed they are from canada(Proudly) and london or some kuai low country....yaya!!you look exactly from munbai or new dehli.Sure, you two come to my kitchen and ask me how i do my work,what ingredient i use,what stlye...blablabla...and when i mension BAKE you say ha!!!oooo...bake..don't act like you just act like someone very high class from OVERSEA cancelling order,take this for me take that for me,oh i don't wan't this i don't want that(You are causing our lunch to delay and my poor partner have to cycle to get your bloody bread).

Let me tell you about asian people like you who maybe went oversea for education(for only a few year),people like you learn shit and pour back to our own continent.Disgrace.I think you don't even DARE to ask for a glass of water back at your KUAI LOW country cafe(if they let you think you belong there).Here in malaysia we eat casually in tim sum cafe,kopi tiam,cafe,mamak store or mumbai cafe.we chat with the boss there as we are friends and we are proud of that.And pity you don't deserved that,Because you choose to be Kuai LOw tiruan.A lot of real High Class real oversea people came to penang and places like amelie with respect and they are happy to be here,for that i salute them.Not you 4, cause U SUCK!

Sorry again our dear customer of Amelie,we will do better next time.

thanks(feeling better now)


Friday, March 12, 2010

Monday, March 8, 2010

Marking Territory

Cheah Clan

Side by side with its owner Cheah Clan.

Before Amelie

It started on the day when i saw this tiny humble little house at armenian street to let.
Tiny but ambitious.